Viola Hall

Brand identity Design

Viola Hall design studio, creates bold, vibrant, energising, maximalist interior transformations. Viola works with a variety of high end clients on projects including London townhouses, New York apartments and a string of properties in the Caribbean. After years of experience working for established businesses, Viola is setting up her own high end and colourful interior design studio.

“This project for Viola Hall is a brilliant example of the power of Chrystal’s vision. The research, strategy and vision for this brand felt as thorough she had perfectly captured the essence of the brief and for this project, I had no changes from the first round – a rare thing indeed!”

Fiona Humberstone

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The Viola Hall brand needed longevity but also the ability to sit alongside bold, colourful and exciting photos of interiors. The varied colour palette brings in an earthy depth and richness along with some striking and bright warm colours, attracting colour enthusiasts.

be bold

Red and pink, the infamous clash of colours that you were probably brought up thinking didn’t work but if you’re a true colour enthusiast you know they do.

What better way to be colourful and bold than to stand
upon the foundation of such robust colours that appeal
to colour lovers.

bold + energising + high end

“You have done a phenomenal, phenomenal job. I love how you have embraced the colour clash on this project and gone all out with the pattern and texture. Super strong and very funky.”

Fiona Humberstone

To link in Viola’s eclectic interior design style, I have defined this by combining natural elements such as leaves with something man-made such as the digital square pattern with hard edges (used subtly above). The computerised square detailing also brings in a boldness and is displayed in an energising colour. Below, I created a sub-mark, with the intention that every few years it could be updated to infuse whatever colourful patterns are inline with Viola’s creative direction and style as it evolves.