why i love wordpress

and i think you will too

Because not only does it allow me to build a lean website, that is fast to load and Google likes but you are unlimited with the design possibilities and functions. So your website can scale with your business!


You can get your WordPress website to do anything you want, your business has grown and now needs a shop / membership site / teaching platform, any feature is possible with the addition of plugins. I love this as it means the website can grow and evolve to your business.

Did you know WordPress is actually free software. It’s open source, which means they’ve made that code available to be used and to be read for anyone in the tech industry. From there I team this with additional plugins/features that specialists have developed which as I said above, means we can literally do anything you need on your site.

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easy to manage

Yes, it can seem a bit overwhelming when logging into a WordPress dashboard for the first time, however I work in a set up that is super easy to maintain and manage yourself if you want to. I provide video instructions on how to make edits yourself so you can always refer to this if you get stuck. I do also offer website maintenance and hosting packages so you can hand over keeping things up to date if you want to outsource this.

you own your site

You can move it to any web host provider which means you aren’t tied to paying a bill at what ever your templated provider (eg Squarespace, Wix, Weebly) decides to charge you now or in the future. You actually own the website and can park it where you choose. It is movable. 

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let's talk

You can book a complimentary chat here to discuss your individual website needs, and I can make recommendations as to which platform will suit you best!

for your business?