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There are brands that look good, and then there are brands that feel good. Achieving an emotional connection with your audience comes down to clever and creative design that helps to tell the story behind your brand. It ignites curiosity and intrigue. It sends a message about who you are, and what matters most to you. It goes deeper than design to truly speak to the hearts and minds of your ideal audience. 

Yours isn’t like any other business, so why would you settle for a brand that doesn’t stand out from the rest?

You’ll get brand assets that give you the confidence and consistency you need to create an identity, but the flexibility you need to be creative and versatile with your content.


ready to fall in love with your branding?


One on one – you will be one of two larger projects I take on each month. And you will be working with me, no team members here.

My signature 4-6 week process – including the added layer of colour psychology to create a brand that says what we want and feels right for your dream audience

Strategy session – where we discuss your brand personality, target audience, design style

Primary logo + variations to suit different applications

Submark – a simplified alternate version / mark to provide creativity yet consistency within your brand

Colour palette + font suggestions

Two rounds of refinements

Brand guidelines – a comprehensive document detailing all our work together, so you can steer your business in the right direction

Final files for print + web

Facebook cover + profile images

Email signature

  • Packaging design
  • Business cards
  • Brochure design
  • Social media templates
  • Signage
  • Book / publications
  • Branded collateral

Sorry, chances are I can’t. I book up fairly quickly – anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months in advance – but do get in touch to check my availability and we can go from there.

Package pricing helps me to laser focus on your goals and design a truly distinctive project without you or I worrying about the time being spent, or whether will there be additional charges. I do list the scope this covers in the proposal, so there are no surprises. For smaller projects outside of the original scope, I may price these hourly.

Great question! I have been doing this for a long time and what I have found is that if I put all my time and creative energy into coming up with one concept, it is THE best concept suited to your unique brand and business needs. Previously, I would spend additional time coming up with other concepts to present, when in most cases the clients would actually choose the first one that I recommended. For the past three years I have been implementing this with much success and often little to no changes. I do build in some time for tweaks if needed and I 100% want you to leave me with a truly magnetic brand that you love. I have crafted a set of questions that helps me to understand you, your business and dream audience which sets me up for success here and enables me to craft a whole brand so you can see how it will work.

I do require some homework from you, but no, it is not super time consuming. For the best success of the project though, I will need you to be as thorough as possible with my questionnaire. It will be super helpful for you to know your dream audience and business goals, but I will walk you through this process each step of the way so don’t worry if you are not sure about these things yet.

No problem at all, for clients I create a login portal where all our communication and files are stored to cut down on the overwhelm and make for a seamless process. I provide instructions on how to access this and it is as simple as logging into my website online. I also create a variety of file types for various situations to cover off what you may need. No question is a silly question though so please feel free to ask if you are unsure about anything.


how do i book in?


Get in touch via the contact form. I’ll get back to you to arrange a time for your free video call consultation. During this call, we’ll chat about your business and growth goals.


You’ll then receive a proposal from me, outlining my recommendations for achieving those goals.



When you’re ready to go ahead, you’ll then receive an invoice for the deposit which secures your spot in my schedule.


Please note, larger projects are often booked in advance, which gives you time to complete some important strategic ‘homework’. This pre-work is essential to ensure I can capture exactly what you’re after!

"Chrystal is an experienced brand designer from New Zealand... I love that she’s really captured the essence of the business with her mood boards and has also brought a really intentional approach to her design."

for your business?